We’ve made a start on the front wall frame this week. Literally heaps of timber to sift through, but we found the jowl slabs and got them cut. A jowl post is one that flares at the top, providing a connection to wall plate and tie beam. Ideally the butt of a tree is used, which provides grain flare, making for a stronger and more aesthetically pleasing result.

Once the waste is removed, this is the result.


These get mapped into the frame lay-up and after a few days we have the beginnings of the front wall.


Excuse the yellowish picture, that’s the lights in the workshop.

Something else slightly different is the inclusion of face-halved scarfs. Given the frame is exposed on the outside, we agreed that this would be a better solution for helping reduce water ingress.


Yes, those wall plates are massive!


Here’s a pic of the long wall complete. (click for full view)