Though there are a couple of interesting projects beforehand, this traditionally framed barn is definitely the highlight of 2019.

Due to the proximity to a heritage site, the overall appearance had to be traditional. Some of the basic traditional details are; deep section feather-edge boarding (sweet chestnut), soft red plinth bricks & traditional hand made pan tiles.

Given the structure is to be well insulated, the following traditional details would not normally be possible. However, we have have some clever design tweaks that make them possible.

The projected wall plates extend just under the rafters, exposed underneath of tiles on eaves and verge and oak sprockets on the eaves.

Some of the details have yet to be refined, but for now we have a 1 ½ storey barn (future-proofing!) featuring a fully wind braced tapered rafter clasp purlin roof. The double bracing to the porch is a detail from a local hall house.

Bare frame (Draft design)