Now taking a break before some exciting projects taking us well into 2015. The first shown here is a slightly outrageous design in Cambridge. This is a classic case of ‘probably should have spoken to a framer’ before drawing up the design! Not being able to resist a challenge, we took it on.


This requires some incredibly unusual shaped timbers, being straight and curved out of one piece. We have a template at the timber yard, with just two out of six curved timbers yet to find! Though the frame design is not 100% refined, this is what it looks like at the moment. All locally sourced green oak of course…





Also in Cambridgeshire, this is a large extension or ‘folly’ as we are preferring to call it! This adds an essential second storey to a single storey dwelling in floodplains on the fens. Being given free reign on the design, we added a massive jetty to each side as the upper storey offers unprecedented views over the surrounding countryside.


The two large rooms will be joined with a spiral staircase and serve as living and social space. The upper storey will have double doors opening from both sides to the jettied balconies, complimented with a sling brace design truss keeping the inside feeling spacious (following 3D also incomplete).