Just finishing up cutting in this new dormer window into the back of a 17th Century thatched roof. Listed building consent was granted to allow us to cut out one of the rafter feet, finishing with the appropriate ‘breathable’ materials.


We always use ‘Heraklith‘ board as a backing for lime render when making new panels. This wood wool fibre board is a quick and convenient breathable alternative to traditional lath.

A 3:1 mix of local brick chalk & lime putty with polypropylene fibres (alternative to hair) was used to finish the returns and fiddly gaps etc. Th fibres are very fine and give the lime render additional strength.

The panels to the right are the original daub applied direct to the back of the thatch laths.

The panels will be finished with breathable clay paint from Earthborn. The timbers are to be white limewashed, as they were originally.