I think this kind of thing is called a blister? Or is that a Scottish term? Anyway, it was more of a ulcer with regards to the rest of the house, so needed ‘treating’.


The course of treatment required initial removal of the welt, then careful repair and slight re-working of the footing.  Basically squaring it up, so use of space can be maximised, plus the addition of a gable end for maximum view of the wonderful garden & views.

Here’s the new oak frame going up…


It’s a simple two bay frame, based on a 6″ or 150mm post size. Though the sole plate was made wider to cover the existing plinth.


Very subtle details have been added, such as ‘cranked’ tie beams and a flared king post. Given the frame is only 3m² it is very easy to over-clutter.

Not finished, but as close of business today…


The frame is completely direct glazed,  with dried oak barge boards, soffit and fascia detail. The french doors have been bespoke made to ensure the glazed panel sizes matches those adjacent to the door.


Clearly some finishing off to do, but windows glass blah blah, does anybody even read this, I’m much rather be holding a chisel…