Oddly, this is the second conservatory that we have ‘upgraded’ this year. Keeping the existing plinth and floor, the frame has been cut precisely to suit. Which was a pig as was neither square or parallel to the house!


Mid-raising pic, using the trusty crane to assemble these mighty timbers by hand. The client asked (last minute – one benefit of not using those bigger companies 🙂 ) to add these braces to draw the eye to the foreground, rather than through to the rather ugly buildings behind.


With the rather limited height available, the pitch of roof had to be very carefully calculated to come below the corner of the window above. Fortunately at about the lowest angle (27°) suitable for the pan tiles already approved for this listed property. Being rather tired of the king post design truss, we opted for a couple of subtly curved queen struts.


The walls are to be ‘direct glazed’, which should look quite striking, especially since the upper studs are curved to match the curved queen struts.

**update September 2016**

The local builders have got on well, apart from being somewhat anxious about working with green oak, hence not getting involved in the glazing. We stepped in a used our well proven technique, which really emphasises the oak frame, particularly the curved upper studs.


We designed this conservatory based upon the footprint, working out all the final details in order to keep as much oak on show as possible. The glazing boards and painted soffit/facia detail has come together quite well, not being to ‘heavy’ on the oak outside.