Some idle sketches have eventually made their way into some trusses which are actually being cut later this year…


I don’t even know what to call this truss style. Unless I’ve sub-consciously copied it from somewhere else, it’s new! Just remember you saw it here first.

**Update Dec 2016**

After staring at this truss for a while it was decided that there was something too gothic about it, plus the timber was hard to source so it was scrapped! Back the drawing board and this came out:


The centre truss is a scissor truss with double curved bracing, but with a twist; set into clasp purlin rafters (my personal favorite 🙂 ). I think it looks rather elegant. Due to the scarcity of double-curved grain timber, I opted for a regular collared truss at the gable. The dropped tie beam doubles as a massive 300mm deep shelf.

Frame going up this week, so check out an update on the top of the blog.