This is quite a beast for an individual, but I could not resist the challenge. What we have below is an extract from an earlier set of conceptual plans supplied by us prior to planning approval. The area’s ringed in red are to be an extension and annexe to an listed farmhouse in North Essex. 


The annexe frame is similar to previous 1½ storey frames, where the first floor is partly incorporated within the roof. The layout has been carefully considered around the optimum positions of the oak timbers. 


The cutting of the annexe frame has already begun, measuring 9m long and 5m wide; shown here is the far ‘long wall’ before the braces have been scribed in place. 


The extension frame will follow…


This frame has just been completed. Most definitely deserves a full write up in the portfolio section, but for now here are a couple of pictures from this week:

Sections pre-assembled prior to raising:


Compliments to the crane operator ‘shakey’ (I know that’s a ominous nickname!) from Crowland Cranes for his exceptionally smooth crane control.