As a bit of a fun experiment, I attached a wide angle time-lapse camera to the hook of the crane we were using to raise the latest frame. At 30 seconds intervals a picture was taken then stitched into a video at 30fps. The results were chaos, but after using a youtube slow motion filter gave the following, rather warped results. 

Next time I’ll up the interval to every few seconds and it might make more sense. Here are some pictures from the same raising. 

The first cross frame is being lifted.


After five cross frames, associated girders, braces & studs, we get to drop the wall plates in position. 


On to the trusses, with some very tricky to fit purlins.


All done, the mighty 35t crane packed up are ready to leave us in peace (no more ‘chugga chugga’ diesel engine!). 


Looking into the first floor, an open space made possible with interrupted tie beams. 


Quirky little knee detail on the foot of the fully open truss. 


There are four of these curved knee brackets, maximising headroom in the open lounge / kitchen / dining room. 


Watch the portfolio section as I’ll do a full write up in time.