Yet another conservatory frame has been ‘raised’ in a quintessentially English village in Essex (never underestimate rural Essex!). This was quite a challenging structure, as enveloped a beautiful ancient well within the garden.

Attached to a listed building & within a conservation area, green oak framing was the perfect sympathetic choice of construction. The below image shows a ‘frame only’ illustration of the final design. 


Limited by height, the roof pitch had to be a mere 22° and will be tiled in natural slate. This subsequently limits the options for roof truss styles, so once again we opted for the trusty king post design. 

wellcad2Flaring the king posts at the top adds detail and function, with curved king struts and a braced ridge beam we felt it was a subtle but balanced roof design. Note the sole plate (bottom beam) is on the floor as it should be!

Unfortunately, the following pictures are a bit poor due to only having a camera phone on the day of assembly. 

This picture shows the frame partly assembled. The gable to the garden is to be glazed above the window sill height, with weatherboarding below. See technical drawing below for details. 


Section detail.


The frame wraps around the existing building, creating an entrance lobby shown below. This angle nicely shows how the well is incorporated within the structure. It will be outside, but have an opening window into the space it occupies. 


Shown here is the internal king post truss, note the background is blurred out as is foul artex style external render!


Ridge beam…