Enjoying the summer right now, but there are some really interesting frames in the pipeline. 

The following is the third in a series of very extravagant buildings just North of the border in Norfolk. The roof is a mix of king post and arch brace designs, though the central truss is rather special. Still hunting for the right piece of timber to provide the massive curve required. 



An arch brace truss, or arched braced (I’m never quite sure which it is!), should have a collar between the rafters. It is then braced to the rafters and down to the posts by curved timbers. The design above does not quite follow this rule, as the collar becomes part of the arch. The central king post above will support the ridge, mirroring the king posts on each gable. 

Later in the year (or next!), the following structure is to be a garden room. I think a pretentious architect would probably call it an orangerie!  Quite large, at 5m², the walls are to be mostly glazed with a link to the listed house to which it is attached. 


This is a preliminary design at this stage, but it will include studs and some lateral bracing in the walls. The most interesting feature will probably be the chamfers; the design of which and stop detail is to be taken from the house (see below picture). The entire frame will be hand planed to give it an authentic but soft appearance.