This frame was completed in the workshop over 6 months ago, sat in the corner collecting dust and drying out!. A delay between cutting an oak frame and raising it can be problematic as the green oak will shrink & twist. This means the joints may not longer pull up tight. 

This was designed to provide parking for one vehicle and covered patio space. 


The king post roof design suited the lower pitch roof of ~40°.  The common rafters will be softwood, but with oak ‘sprockets’ which project past giving it an authentic appearance. 


The primary feature of this frame is the huge cantilevered gable. This projects a full 2m beyond the posts.


Massive curved braces have been used to help support this projection, both to the wall plates and ridge beam.


Even though the frame has been in storage and dried significantly, it went together pretty well. The only joints that were troublesome were the large edge-halfed scarf joints in the wall plates, these had twisted leaving an unpleasant gap in the middle.