I’m not really sure what this was? I’d descibe it as a bit of a mess really! Given that the footings go well below the pond and were quite stable, it was decided to keep the exact foortprint and marry with the remnants of the existing roof when being replaced. 

Before and after…



As described in a previous post, the biggest challenge was getting the gable roof pitch matching the others. This is due to the gable end not being 90° to the remainder of the frame. Here’s an inside pic of the far right corner.


The space is going to be initially divided to provide additional acomodation, but in time will make an excellent garden room. Especially given the pond is to be extended with a deck directly outside the french doors.


The roof truss design is inline with the existing garden studios (see in background above). The chunky small knee braces are to provide lateral bracing whilst allowing maximum headroom. 


Finally here in the context of the timber framed barn.