We have just completed this medium-sized extension on a timber framed farmhouse in mid-Suffolk. The existing farmhouse had just the one window to the rear, which did not make the most of the reaching views. 


This extension provides both living space downstairs and a large on-suite bedroom above. The majority of the walls facing the fields will be glazed, which will certainly be an improvement on the previous arrangement!


The biggest challenge here was access; down a classic Suffolk lane (with grass in middle of tarmac), then down a narrow side track leading to a narrow drive to the front of the house! Everything then had to be moved by hand around the back and lifted with a hand operated crane, which was very sketchy indeed! wetheringsett_oak_frame_field

The downstairs space will be open-plan, leading to a large opening to the existing house. This will create a huge space for living & guest dining. To the gable end here we have a pair of book-matched braces (cut from the same piece of timber and matched like butterfly wings). A nice, but challenging detail here is the scribed housing in the studs to allow the braces to overlap neatly. 



The upper storey is of an ‘open truss’ design that allows for access where there ought to be tie beams. The central opening has been widened to give space for the bed. With some simple tapered collars and wind braces (to the purlins) this space should be tall and light. 


Here we have some further pictures of the detailing; diminished housings for the cross-rail tenons gives support to the large timbers where they need it. The ChaplinOak branding that is a subtle addition (in a hidden location) that might be interesting as a future discovery.