Next up is this small porch project, which is an addition to a farmhouse that had an oak framed extension back in the summer. (link).

Hand planed using bronze scrub plane.

There is nothing particularly spectacular about the design, however the timbers are really nice. Sourced all from Ickworth Park, near Bury St Edmunds, they feature some nice burring and medullary rays. All brought to life by hand planing the timbers.

Bookmatched wall plates with medullary rays.

Here’s a CAD image of the frame, with direct glazing and roofing.

Direct glazed porch.

Update – November 2019. Porch now ‘raised’, looking a bit bare but due to be closed in shortly. The rafters and sprockets may look a bit odd, but it’s to accomodate some insulation whilst having a traditional verge and eaves.

Oak porch