This is just an update with progress on the current project. It’s quite a beast and I’m only part way through, however it’s been great fun cutting these very cool looking sections…

We have here what called a **insert name here** truss! The posts and lower tie beam are green Elm! That’s a very special timber if you know your UK tree history.

The Chaplin truss!

This close up shows some of the grain detail on an elm tenon. Just gorgeous!

Elm tenon

Onto the main trusses now; the gables both have a huge cranked tie beam. I was so lucky to be able to get these just how I wanted them, bent in the middle, but straight to that point. Even more unbeleivable is they are in Sweet Chestnut.

Sweet chestnut ‘cranked’ beam

Sweet chestnut is such a delight to cut, smooth as butter! The timber has a paler finish, but after a while naturalises and is barely distinguishable from oak.

Clasp purlin truss

Here it is cut into the clasp purlin truss. Note the collar is also Sweet Chestnut, with Oak rafters and the central post.

There is still a good month of work on this frame in the workshop. So watch this space as theres some more intersting bits to come.