Just finished up this jowl-posted garden room. The Jowl post is a traditional connection between the main posts, wall plates and tie beams. Typically the timber is carefully selected to utilise the flare of the timber grain within the top of post.

Jowl post

Thanks to Tim Barber for his careful selection, I was able to acheive great results. http://www.easterncountiesmobilesawmilling.co.uk/ All created in gorgeous characterful locally sourced (Ickworth Park) green oak.

I’d like to add a note here about the finish of the timbers. Looking here from the outside, you will see the odd blemish and dark staining. These are external faces that will be covered. I always clean the timbers before my frames are assembled, I’m not aware of anyone else that does this. If everything goes well with the build, this should negate the need to use aggressive blasting or chemical cleaning techniques.

The gable end and wall to the right will be ‘direct glazed‘. Which will provide clean lines and simplicity.

Wind braces (in the roof) provide excellent lateral support. A nice traditional detail, albeit a complete pig to get together!