I’m selling this timber frame as have decided to make something more exotic / hybrid to support the canvas. The frame consists of various species of timber; Oak, Brown Oak, Sweet Chestnut, Elm, Douglas Fir & Western red cedar. This was to showcase the possible use of different species of locally grown timber.

I’m asking £1500, includes pegs. Quite easy to assemble yourself, just needs basic hand tools and a ladder.

This can be modified if required. But it would be quite simple to fit some rafters and tile the roof. See the details in the previous sale: https://www.chaplinoak.co.uk/2016/05/19/marquee-frame-for-sale/

Frame supporting canvas (not included)
Elm studs, Douglas ‘cranked’ tie beam. Tapered king posts supporting oak ridge.
Cranked oak tie beam with flare to take tapered oak post. Medieval Graffiti! (Daisy wheel)
Curved braces throughout, including trenched down braces on solid wall.
Trenched down braces
Frame only (this is what I’m selling)