These three structures all sit on almost identical footings, though have very different designs. All are fully oak framed, studs, window frames, common rafters etc.

The first constructed is a king post design truss with housed purlins and purling cleats (those are the little pieces under the purlins on the back of the rafters).

King post trusses

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The second frame is a more elegant variant of the first, with a central ‘open truss’.

This unusual truss is a combination of arch braced and collared king post, devised by ourselves, but probably sub-consciously plagiarised.

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The third frame (my favorite) has again an open truss design, but with more traditional collars. Though collars would not be typically used for such a low pitched roof.

The use of many curved braces, especially wind braces (roof) gives the frame an elegant feel.

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