New timber frame structures.

Using traditional techniques, Chaplin Oak design and build bespoke hand crafted timber frames for any structure; such as cart lodges, conservatories, extensions, balconies, bridges, porches, garden structures and on a larger scale your new home.

Combining in-depth traditional timber framing knowledge and expertise in CAD modelling we can produce accurate 3D designs of your frame.

Once the design is finalised, the timbers are fitted together in the workshop in what we call the ‘lay-up’ process. The joints are carefully scribed together at this stage to a high standard. When the jointing is complete, the frame is delivered to site and raised.

Chaplin Oak use locally sourced timber for all of our timber frames. Oak is primarily used, however it is possible to use other suitable species to suit your budget or style. Please have a look at our FAQ page for further details.