Pair of Studio frames

The brief for these frames was to create two identical spaces, both of which will be art studios. The main feature is the ‘cranked’ tie beam queen strut trusses. Both frames are have diagonally braced (curved of course!) walls and cross frames.


As is typical for many of our more interesting frames, the timbers that require profiling come to us with the top and bottom removed at the sawmill (slabbed). We decided to use cranked tie beams, this means the timber changes angle in the middle. This is a feature quite often seen in historic frames in the area. Literally a couple of trees right here…



The lay-up process for these frames was very simple, as all the standard rules for framing were nicely adhered to. The following is one of the doorway gables completed at the workshop.



The footings were immaculately prepared by Alan Powley over in Diss. He even came and gave us a hand for the raising. The following shows a the first wall frame going together, edge-halfed wall plate scarf’s and dovetails in the foreground.


We used the trusty shear legs to lift the heavy tie beams up, then slid them into position by hand.




Not having cut a curved queen strut roof before, we thought we’d throw some in.



Plus extra thick braces for the central cross frames.



The pictures say the rest…

CrankedBeam xf1







And finally, we took the liberty of producing a timelapse video of the raising sequence:

***Update 2016***

Received some pictures of the frames once completed….