Workshop – Timber/Wine store – Car port

Completed in Winter of 2015, this four bay cart lodge frame accommodates two large vehicles, plus storage for timber and wine. At the far end is a small workshop.

The plot was occupied by an existing structure, which detracted from the listed setting. We successfully managed the planning permission / listed building consent for removal and replacement with (we hope) a far more suitable structure.


Given the section to the left is mostly closed in, we kept the framing to a minimum. In contrast on the right it’s a ‘fully featured’ frame, including braces, studs, common rafters and a nice king post roof.


One of the briefs for the setting was to retain the exiting tulip and mulberry trees that are very close to the structure. Therefore it was necessary to step the left side back, as can be seen in the above plan. The timber store space is divided as for wine and timber storage.


As is typical for all our frames, the timber is locally sourced. But in this case we were particularly pleased to discover much of the timber came from the adjacent parish. This is the advantage of dealing with a small timber supplier as they can let you know exactly where the timber came from.


From the back you can see the frame extends out (aisled), in order to get the length needed for the 4wd’s. We also added sprockets to kick the roof up at the eaves. This is a traditional detail and matched the C16th farmhouse.


As with most frames, the quality is expressed within the roof space. Here we opted for a king post design (again!), this is a practical and structurally robust design for the 40° roof angle. We matched the flared tops on both gable central posts.


You might also noticed that we embellished the frame with a full compliment of chamfers, all of which are hand finished.

More pictures to follow when we have chance to visit the completed structure…